LENA Menstrual Cup


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The LENA menstrual cup is a healthy and conscious alternative to pads and tampons.  

LENA is a bell-shaped menstrual cup that collects your monthly menstrual blood. Inserted like a tampon, LENA sits comfortably in your vagina and can be safely worn for up to 12 consecutive hours.

* We also ship LENA to Australia, South Pacific and Asia  - sent in plain packaging and declared as a silicone cup *

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You can safely wear your LENA Cup for up to 12 consecutive hours before having to empty it. Most women only empty their LENA Cups in the morning and the evening and enjoy worry-free days and nights.


The silicone and dyes, cup production, printing and assembly are all based in California. As a company, they make conscious choices to ensure that LENA does not create any unnecessary waste.


Voted #1 Starter Cup, LENA was developed to be the most comfortable and functional cup on the market. With Lena's unique patented design, we guarantee that while wearing LENA, you will not feel any sensation from the cup or the stem.

** Please note that there are no refunds or returns available for menstrual cups, to help you choose the right cup for you, read our guide **

Most women can wear either size LENA Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. Unlike other brands, LENA do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using LENA Small while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose LENA Large.


LENA Small is ideal for women with a Normal flow.
LENA Large is suited for women with a Heavy Flow.


Each woman's cervix is positioned differently during her period. For some, the cervix descends low into the vaginal canal while for others it sits high. If your cervix is positioned at a low to medium height in your vagina, LENA Small will work great for you. If your cervix is at a medium to high location, you can choose either size LENA Cup.


How your LENA Cup fits inside you will be unique to your body. Your own individual shape, pelvic muscle strength, and vaginal condition can determine which cup works better for you. Active women, whose pelvic floor muscles are strong, are better suited for LENA Small while women whose pelvic floor muscles are not as strong might benefit from using LENA Large.

LENA Small 25 ml capacity
• The cup body and stem together measure 71mm
• The body of the cup without the stem measures 46mm
• 41mm in diameter

LENA Large 30 ml capacity
• The cup body and stem together measure 71
• The body of the cup without the stem measures 70.5
• 45mm in diameter

It is important to remember that using a menstrual cup is a bit of a learning experience.  
Rest assured, after a couple of cycles you should have the hang of it!  

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Put a little water based lubricant on your cup when you insert it.
  • Some women find it helpful to practice inserting and removing the cup before their period starts (make sure you use a little water based lube).
  • Try out the different folds, find one that works for you.
  • Wear a back up pad or liner when you first start using a cup, this will give you more confidence until you have learnt to position it right for your anatomy.
  • Do not panic if you are unable to remove it, follow these steps: Relax, reach in, bear down with pelvic floor, locate and pinch base, run finger up the side, break seal, shimmy it down, remove.

Watch some of these youtube clips, they are very informative, and will help to welcome you into the wonderful world of cups!



    Please choose carefully as we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges for personal hygeine products such as cups, pads, tampons and sponges.  If you are having trouble picking, read the help guide in the FAQ, or feel free to get in touch to discuss.  If you have already purchased a cup and are having some trouble, get in touch as it might be an easy fix :)


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