Me Luna Cup - Classic

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Me Luna Classic  

The 'Classic' is the standard Me Luna cup, and it refers to how firm the cup is.  It is medium soft - suitable for most women who have normally trained pelvic floor muscles.

**Click here to see the Limited Edition - Fairy Dust Cups by Me Luna**

Women who are quite physically active may find it a little too soft (when well trained pelvic-floor muscles are engaged a cup that is too soft may dislodge or unseal).  If you need a firmer cup, see the Me Luna Sport or LENA Cup.

Which Size?

Once you have decided on which firmness you need, its time to chose the size!

Small - one of the smallest menstrual cups in the world. It is suitable for women with a slim, petite physique, no vaginal births, light menstrual flow, and very strong pelvic floor muscles.  It is also suitable for women who have never had sexual intercourse, and women who have had a uterine prolapse. 
Dimensions:     Diameter 38mm, length 45mm without grip.
Volume:             23ml to the brim, 15ml to the holes.

Medium - slightly larger than the small - but still a small cup. Suitable for women who have a medium menstrual flow, who are of a medium build, with normal pelvic floor muscles.  It can be used by women who have and those who have not given birth vaginally.
Dimensions:     Diameter 41mm, length 48mm without grip.
Volume:             28ml to the brim, 20ml to the holes.

Large - Suitable for women who have given birth vaginally, or who have a heavy menstrual flow, it can also be used by women with weak pelvic floor muscles.
Dimensions:    Diameter 44mm, length 51mm without grip.
Volume:            34ml to the brim, 24ml to the holes.

About the Stem

All Me Luna cups from My Fertility have a stem, except for the shorty cups - which  have a ball grip.

Shorty Cups

The Shorty cups are for women whose cervix sits very low during their period.  The diameter is the same for each size, however the length is shorter, and they have a smaller volume.

Small - Suitable for very young women who have not used a tampon and have not been sexually active.  For a very light menstrual flow. 
Dimensions:       Diameter 38mm, length 35mm without grip.
Volume:               15ml to the brim, 8ml to the holes.

Medium - Suitable for women with good pelvic floor muscles, but whose cervix sits low while they are on their period.  Some young women who have  not been sexually active may find this cup suitable.
Dimensions:       Diameter 41mm, length 38mm without grip.
Volume:               18ml to the brim, 10ml to the holes.

Large - Suitable for middle-aged women who have had vaginal births and whose cervix sits low. Women with a weak pelvic floor, in conjunction with a slight uterine prolapse benefit from this short cup. 
Dimensions:       Diameter 44mm, length 41mm without grip.
Volume:               22ml to the brim, 14ml to the holes.

XL - As above for Large, but with a bigger capacity.
Dimensions:       Diameter 47mm, length 44mm without grip.
Volume:               27ml to the brim, 16ml to the holes.

**Me Luna Cups come in various sizes, colours, depths, firmness, and with various
kinds of grips.  To make sense of the range, and see quickly what is available from My Fertility, please see the chart in the next tab.**

Below is a chart showing all of the different Me Luna cups that My Fertility currently have in stock. 

Firmness Size Colours Grip
  Small Green, Purple, Blue-Glittery Stem
  Medium Purple, Blue-Glittery Stem
  Large Purple, Blue-Glittery Stem
  Shorty - Smll Purple Ball
  Shorty - Md Purple Ball
  Shorty - Lg Purple Ball
  Shorty - XL Purple Ball
  Small Blue-Glittery Stem
  Medium Blue-Glittery Stem
  Small Gold-Glittery, Blue-Violet Stem
  Medium Gold-Glittery, Blue-Violet Stem
  Large Gold-Glittery, Blue-Violet Stem
  XL Blue-Violet Stem
  Shorty - Smll Purple Ball
  Shorty - Md Purple Ball
  Shorty - Lg Purple Ball

 ** Please note that there are no refunds or returns available for menstrual cups, to help you choose the right cup for you, read our guide **


Me Luna produce and provide a wide range of cups and accessories.  Their facility holds to very high manufacturing standards, and they pride themselves in their quality control.

What are they made of?

Me Luna cups are made in Germany from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), and are silicone, pvc, phthalate, BPA, and latex free.  TPE is used for medical devices, and is safe to use, as well as hypoallergenic.  The same material is used to make teats for baby bottles.  Because of the high regulatory requirements for baby products in Germany, you can be assured that Me Luna® is made with top quality materials.

Are the colours safe?

In the production of colored cups, the colorless TPE granules are mixed with a tiny amount of color (2-4%). These colors are not used in the medical field, but are approved for food.

What about the glitter?

The glitter particles are made of a very thin, only a few thousandths of a millimeter thick aluminum foil - the same as normal kitchen foil.
These non-toxic aluminum flakes are completely surrounded by TPE plastic. They are inextricably connected to the TPE.


Please choose carefully as we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges for personal hygeine products such as cups, pads, tampons and sponges.  If you are having trouble picking, read the help guide in the FAQ, or feel free to get in touch to discuss.  If you have already purchased a cup and are having some trouble, get in touch as it might be an easy fix :)


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  • All orders are sent in discreet packaging; customs clearance forms for overseas orders do not mention anything about menstruation or lubricant.

New Zealand

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