GLYDE Condoms - 10 pack, or 100 pack


These world class condoms come in 4 different sizes.  There is also a 'flavoured mix' option for the Ultra size.

All sizes are available in boxes of 10, 100, or a sample pack (1 of each size).

Made with an exclusive, patented "double dipping", double washing manufacturing process these are especially strong without increasing the thickness, thereby creating a sheer, ultra-fine sheath. In addition, GLYDE's exclusive double wash process eliminates any unpleasant latex rubber taste or smell.

Although not available in your local supermarket, GLYDE condoms can be trusted unreservedly.  They are the main suppliers to the Australian Ministry of Health, and also provide condoms to a number of non-profits in both NZ and Australia - helping to raise awareness of sexual health at home and abroad in South East Asia.

All GLYDE Condoms are:

  • Vegan Friendly (certified by the Vegan Society)
  • Fair Trade & Ethical (only brand certifed in the world!)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Organic

A condom should not be too tight, or too loose.  There is much freedom in finding a condom that fits perfectly, allowing for a more positive experience.  GLYDE's condoms come in 4 different sizes.

To work out which size condom you need, please use the 'toilet paper roll test'.  Slide a toilet roll over your erect penis, and follow the guide below:

  • If you can slide it on easily, and there is a lot of room, then you will be more comfortable using a slim fit condom.
  • If it fits nicely with no extra room, then you are best to use a medium (Ultra).
  • If you cannot slide it over at all, then you will either need the Maxi or SuperMAX

Slim Fit is 49mm , Ultra is 53mm, Maxi is 56mm, and the SuperMAX is 60mm

Other condom brands claim to be so thin, they're "nude" or "naked". Latex condoms are measured in microns. 1 micron = 1/1000th of a millimetre. That's so tiny, it's microscopic!

At 55 microns, GLYDE condoms are as thin as a condom can be without compromising strength. Don't be fooled by the "thinnest condom" hype.


Please choose carefully as we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges for personal hygeine products such as cups, pads, tampons and sponges.  If you are having trouble picking, read the help guide in the FAQ, or feel free to get in touch to discuss.  If you have already purchased a cup and are having some trouble, get in touch as it might be an easy fix :)


  • Orders are processed during business hours Mon - Fri, orders placed over the weekend will be dispatched Monday morning.


  • All orders are sent in discreet packaging; customs clearance forms for overseas orders do not mention anything about menstruation or lubricant.

New Zealand

  • Orders are sent via courier (orders to PO Boxes sent via NZ Post), $5 nationwide.
  • Rural Delivery is $10


  • Orders to Australia are sent via NZ Post, $12
  • Orders to the Pacific Islands are sent via NZ Post, $15